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We find superstars before they even know they’re looking.

That’s the benefit of our Relationship Recruiting. And the advantage of our veteran recruiters. We stay connected to top talent throughout their careers — so they’re always on tap when you’re in need of proven performance.


Danny Cahill, CPC

President and Managing Partner – Hobson Associates Owner – AccordingToDanny.com, LLC

Lisa Iannone, CPC

Vice President and Senior Partner

Senior Partners

Larry Botelle, CPC

Senior Partner - Technology

Beth Schneider, CPC

Senior Partner and Director of Client Strategy, Technology

Bill Tomek, CPC

Senior Partner - Technology

Jeff Vernick, CPC

Senior Partner - Technology


Robin Bland, CPC

Partner, Practice Manager - Insurance

Jennifer Millea

Partner- Staffing Services

Don Tinker, CPC

Partner, Practice Manager - Life Sciences

Senior Associates

Joe Abate, MD

Senior Associate - Life Sciences

Kevin M. Carroccia

Senior Associate - Healthcare Technology

Jim Halligan

Senior Associate - Medical Device

Mike McCaffrey

Senior Associate - Medical Device

Diana Saucier

Practice Manager- Industrial and Sustainability Specialist


Ann M. Barrieau

Associate - Technology

Caitlin Wixted

Associate- Life Sciences

Steve Rosen

Associate - Healthcare Technology


Michael Abate

Consultant - Medical Device

Susan Gallagher

Consultant - Insurance

Wendy Muenchow

Consultant - Industrial & Manufacturing

Shawna McCarty

Consultant - Insurance

Research & Business Support

Joanne Couceiro

Training Manager - Hobson Associates / Partner, Trainer and Executive Director - AccordingToDanny

Camille Urbano

Social Media & Sales Development Manager

Barbara Wisausky

Manager of Finance and Business Services

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