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The universe of “technology solutions” is broad—that’s why we focus on specific niche solutions within the technology sector.

With uncertain market conditions and a shrinking disparity among product offerings, companies must take a more disciplined approach to purchasing products and services. They need the bottom line: what can make them money or save them money.

We also understand that the needs of a startup software company is infinitely different from a $500M Internet infrastructure company. The pool of candidates that we bring to these companies will possess different skill sets and diverse niche expertise. You’ll find our true understanding of the overall technology infrastructure makes us not only strong evaluators of talent, but also credible to the talent we recruit.

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Lisa Iannone, CPC

Vice President and Senior Partner

Larry Botelle, CPC

Senior Partner - Technology

Beth Schneider, CPC

Senior Partner and Director of Client Strategy, Technology

Bill Tomek, CPC

Senior Partner - Technology

Jeff Vernick, CPC

Senior Partner - Technology

Ann M. Barrieau

Associate - Technology