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My Ideal Job Candidate…

Blonde woman with glasses thinkingBeing a recruiter in this current candidate-crazy job market (a market in which there are more jobs openings than qualified candidates), I’ve been questioned, dodged and insulted by candidates more than ever. And it’s not just me -- the partners and senior recruiters at my firm, some who have been in the industry over 20 years, feel the same pain! 

However, as soon as I decided to put myself in a candidate’s shoes, I began to truly see and understand where they are coming from:


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How To "Kill It" at Your Next Job Interview

Nervous businessmanLately I have dealt with some good candidates who end up interviewing badly. What gives? They have the smarts, education, technical/sales knowledge, and most importantly, the experience. Yet, they fail to connect with the hiring manager or convince the company that they should be their next hire. This can happen for a few reasons:

  • Sometimes the person hasn’t interviewed in several years, and their interview style is a bit lackluster.
  • In other cases, which I see more in junior people, the candidate is just plain nervous. (Nerves are totally normal because it shows that the person cares and is excited about the job opportunity.)

The hard truth is that not everyone who wants the job will get the job ... Here are some basic pointers for these two types of people I mentioned, or anyone really, so you can present your best self and land the job you’re truly excited for….

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Is it Mortality, Prayer or Drive?

Woman standing near oceanOver the past few weeks I have been thinking about how fragile we really are as humans. When we are really young, we are in such a hurry to grow up, that we don’t really appreciate who/where we are. I know it sounds cliché, but it certainly rings true to most everyone I speak with, especially once you hit your 40s, 50s and even 60s… For example: I couldn’t wait to get my driver’s license and gain my independence, go to bars and dance clubs and legally drink, own a condo at 22, and finally start to make my own money and decisions…

Then one day, you wake up and realize wow, where has the time gone?  Where do I see myself in the next 30 or 40 years?  What will I look like? Where will I live? Will I get married? Hell, will I make it to see my kids graduate, get married, and/or have babies??? 

The older and wiser I become, everything and everyone in my life means so much more to me. My colleagues, my family, my friends- new and old. I am now using a new motto I like to call “Scared AF, but embracing every last moment! 

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Just Say NO to Multitasking!

Woman multitasking Multitasking. We all do it. I bet you’re reading this right now while on the toilet aren’t you?!  Well, better than while driving... When I started at Hobson in 2006, we had a question on our reference check form that was “How would you rate this person’s ability to multi-task?” The idea was that a person needed to be efficient at multitasking in order to be successful in just about any job. However, studies have recently shown that multi-tasking is actually bad for your brain, which is also bad for business, your social life, your family, everything. 

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Traffic Jam of Resumes

Cars stuck in trafficAre you a hiring authority with open jobs, yet are not seeing the right “traffic” of candidates? If so, you are not alone. In fact, this is one of the biggest pain points hiring authorities express to me before hiring me. From their side of the highway, it’s a wide open road to their inbox… so where’s the log jam?

Here are a few reasons:

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Organize Your Work Life!

Happy woman at deskLately I’ve noticed that my work-related stress has pretty much always been tied due to a lack of organization. I have tried to implement more efficient ways to work, but ended up getting frustrated again and again. It was only when I created a realistic routine for myself that I felt better about my work ... It seems like the word “routine” is synonymous with the word “boring” in many people’s minds. What I’ve come to learn, however, is that creating and sticking to these patterns in a world where no one has any control over anything is a small, easy way to control what you DO have power over. This sense of boring, or repetition, will ultimately keep you motivated and productive, and seriously cut back the stress.

Here are the steps that have worked for me:

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Prospecting in the Wild!

Business man hunting for prospectsI’m a big animal lover. I have a dog, a Cavalier King named Murphy, who is smart, good looking and can hunt down food like no one else… from tables, gym bags, backpacks, you name it. Murphy is most notably known for once devouring a whole five pound box of Godiva dark chocolates, wrappers and all, and lived! He is also an expert at pulling tablecloths down when no one is around.

Cavalier King dog

Speaking of hunting, today my colleague discovered that a ‘critter’ has been eating his peanut butter crackers. The critter apparently completed said task twice this week, successfully getting into metal desk drawers and carefully creating a round hole in the package and feasting on his catch!

If Murphy or our office critter were in sales, they would KILL their quotas! They’re true hunters who “eat what they kill”.  

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CEOs: Your 2018 Top Hiring Challenges are HERE

Frustrated manIt’s 2018… old news by now. Well, check out this news: companies today have a different set of challenges and risks, and I’m not referring to cyberattacks or industry competitors … As an experienced executive technology recruiter who specializes in placing senior and sales management, I’ve seen it ALL since 1999. Here’s my take on the top hiring issues that CEOs may be ignoring, and putting them and their companies in danger of failure.  

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Mind Your Manners: Bullying in Corporate America

What is a BULLY? ... When you hear the word, most likely an image pops into your mind of some troubled teen gleefully posting ugly names and encouraging others to further humiliate their target. Or perhaps a giant elementary school kid terrorizing a skinny, nerdy boy/girl by stealing their lunch money. However, in corporate America, a bully could very well be dressed in a tailored suit.

In all my years of recruiting, I can attest that many of the people calling me to find other employment are doing so because the balance of power has forced them to “deal” with a variety of bad behavior on the part of employers. While there are processes in place that are supposed to alleviate and give a voice to the abuse; these are for the most part ineffectual. Especially if the abuse can’t be linked to discrimination.

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Trust, Respect & Realness: Taking Them All the Way to the Bank

Businessman crossing a cliffGetting customers and employees to trust you can be complicated, but it is critical for success – at times even more important than sales. If you gain people’s trust and respect, it's easier to grow and nurture your business and give everyone superior service. But trust is a very delicate thing. Tough to gain and even harder to restore.

Here are some ways to build trust, respect, all the while being yourself:

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