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How Leaders Can Prepare for Their Employees’ Return to Office

Employees Return to Office Post-Covid 19Many business leaders are contemplating a full or partial return of their employees to the office post-pandemic. As they consider all the variables involved, they tend to categorize employees in two groups: those who are eager to return and those who are opposed. As executive recruiters, we work with clients and candidates who are experiencing either extreme, or somewhere in between…

The eventual return to the office, whatever that will look like in the future, can leave managers scrambling to figure out the best way possible to bring their team back into the office. Even when it comes to future hires, what is the best way to handle working in an office once again?

Here are some things that can make the translation smoother:

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Considering Making a Lateral Career Move? Read This.

Feet next to arrowsWhen it comes to your career, sometimes "up" isn't the only direction you should be traveling.

A sideways or "lateral" move -- defined as a move either within your current company or to a new organization with similar title, pay, and responsibility -- can often be a strategic move that pays off big time in the long-run. 

Here are some things to consider before making a lateral job change, thanks to our friends at TopResume.

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How to Get Hired This Year

For most people, the New Year marks an opportunity to set resolutions, or a chance for a fresh start. Along with updating your vision board and re-evaluating your life in general, the start of a new calendar year is the time to re-evaluate your career.

NEWSFLASH. The job market is on fire. Use this opportunity to start fresh and maybe land a new job. And pretty quickly too.

Below are some tips to make a new job a not-so-distant reality for you:

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Level Up Your Hiring in the New Year

Person jumping on a cliffDo new year resolutions work? That’s debatable. Yet admit it or not, everyone has some version of one: whether it is to get healthy, happy, or wealthy. Or just small changes.

On a business level- expanding your team, growing revenue, or just finding that “perfect” hire that has evaded you in 2021, the new calendar year is the time to do it.

FACT: January and February have been deemed the best time of the year to hire new staff and expand your company so it can thrive in the new year. “Hiring managers and leaders have a better idea of what they need and whether they can afford to hire new team members, which leads career advisors to consider these the top months for hiring.”

Here are 6 hiring resolutions you can achieve to level up 2022!

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Your Top Virtual Job Interview Tips (Including How to Nail the First Impression)

Woman on a virtual job interviewZoom Video Conferencing (or Skype, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams..the options are endless)..Before the pandemic, some people had never heard of or used Zoom. Consider it the new normal now. This part of the candidate interview process is not going to go away any time soon, and will likely be here to stay.

We’re still living in a pandemic. But the hiring must go on—fingers crossed—which means many of us will be subjected to virtual job interviews. It’s just one more aspect of remote work, right? Wrong. On the contrary, an interview conducted via video call requires just as much effort as an in-person one, if not more, especially if you want your virtual “conversation” to go smoothly. We asked a handful of experts to share their advice for the best ways to prep.

Check out what the people at the website PureWow said on the topic:

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Recruiter Reaches out to You-Now What?

Woman looking at her computerMost of the time during your job search, you’re the one who is responsible for making all the first moves in the process. It’s up to you to write a stand-out resume, find an opportunity that’s right for you, apply to the position(s) and really market yourself to the company/hiring manager. But if you’ve got an impressive enough background or a mastery of hard-to-find skills, chances are that recruiters will be the ones reaching out to you.

So, what should you do when a recruiter contacts you? Here’s what Glassdoor had to say about it:

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How To "Kill It" at Your Next Job Interview

Woman smilingLately I have dealt with some good candidates who end up interviewing badly. What gives? They have the smarts, education, technical/sales knowledge, and most importantly, the experience. Yet, they fail to connect with the hiring manager or convince the company that they should be their next hire. This can happen for a few reasons:

  • Sometimes the person hasn’t interviewed in several years, and their interview style is a bit lackluster.
  • In other cases, which I see more in junior people, the candidate is just plain nervous. (Nerves are totally normal because it shows that the person cares and is excited about the job opportunity.)

The hard truth is that not everyone who wants the job will get the job ... Here are some basic pointers for these two types of people I mentioned, or anyone really, so you can present your best self and land the job you’re truly excited for….

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Your Essential New Hire Checklist [Infographic]

New EmployeeHiring a new employee is an exciting time for both employee and manager. The first few days and weeks on the job are an essential part of the introductory period. Yet, a poor onboarding experience can ruin a new job for any employee.

As their manager, it is your responsibility to ensure their first impression is a positive one. It’s important they settle in well and overcome any initial hurdles of a new workplace and a new environment as quickly as possible in order to begin adding value to your team and organization.

FACT: Nearly 33% of new hires look for a new job within their first six months on the job.

How can you prevent this from happening and ensure you’re giving your new employee what they need?

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What Will the Workplace Look Like Post-Covid?…

Happy woman working from home

I am a remote employee (have been since way before the pandemic) and wonder what the landscape is going to look like post-Covid as employees start getting their jobs back after being furloughed and workplaces start to find their new “normal”.

While searching for data to share with you, I found statistics in which I am positive will impact the working environment as we know it:

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