Hobson Associates

Amelia Gastwirth

Recruiting Sourcer - Insurance

As a dedicated Recruiting Sourcer at Hobson Associates, Amelia is driven by a fervent commitment to identifying and engaging top-tier talent across the insurance sector. With a profound understanding of the complex and dynamic insurance recruiting landscape, she stays attuned to market trends and employs best practices to ensure the delivery of exceptional candidates.

Amelia plays a pivotal role by collaborating closely with the recruiting team, delving into their needs and expectations to tailor her sourcing strategies accordingly. Her proficiency in research, outreach, and communication has consistently resulted in the successful identification and delivery of a multitude of qualified and diverse candidates for various positions.

Beyond her technical prowess, Amelia is characterized by her unwavering dedication to fostering a positive and professional candidate experience. She goes above and beyond, ensuring continuous communication and support throughout the entire hiring process. Her passion for contributing to a fast-paced and collaborative environment mirrors her commitment to driving the growth and success of both Hobson Associates and its valued clients.

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