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My Petition for a Better Hiring Experience

Woman with clipboardI have been signing a lot of petitions lately. Perhaps it’s naïve of me to think it will make a difference, but I exclaim a loud “YES!” to myself each time I digitally sign to save endangered animals, build a new community playground, or keep a beloved TV show on the air. Most times I am not even sure who the petitions go to for consideration. Probably a database that now knows to target me for merchandise with elephants on it because I really do think hunting them for their ivory is gross … Maybe Oprah. I hope so.

What a world it would be if people wanting something positive to happen could do so just by figuratively putting their hand in the air. With that thought in mind, I decided to start my own set of "petitions". Based on my many years of experience in the recruiting industry, I just think that the world would (or at least in my world!) be a better place if the following were to happen:


Anyone considering a move in their career may no longer use “growth” as a reason. Growth has no meaning in this context. It is what happens when a kid goes from 5’ ft 2” to 5’ ft 6” over the summer. It is also the equivalent to asking your teenager what they were doing all night and getting “stuff” as a response.

Reasons for a candidate seeking growth must be specific, such as: money, location, scope of duties, responsibilities, hatred of boss, stability of the company, or even that they think the company logo is ugly!


Employers may no longer use ”business meetings” as a reason to bump or cancel interviews. When you are interviewing someone who is potentially going to save or make your company money, that is a business meeting. Treat it as such.


People in major cities: no more shock or whining about traffic, commute time, parking, tolls, etc. . It should come as no surprise that these things exist, so don’t go through the job change process only to be completely dumbfounded that you may have to drive ten more minutes, or that there is paid parking. Unless you just moved there, you should know this. (Example: I live in Texas, so I am NOT going to be shocked when it gets superhot in the summer.)


Employers must let their employees work remotely if they put their offices in places where no one lives. If there are more cows than people in your town/area, this means YOU. If the only competitors nearby are the ten guys who used to work for you and now have their own company, that means YOU. (See Petition 3. If it gets passed, then you are in good shape- yet the ball may still be in your court.)


No more “isms”. Well, the bad ones. Let’s keep Optimism and Altruism. However, Sexism, Racism and Ageism-those gotta go. (Seriously, why are they still a thing?) .... Who cares as long as someone has the will and ability to do the job? If you’re dealing with an actual human, that’s a big plus: just the other day I argued online for hours with a robot (or a person posing as one) to return a $60.00 item. A human voice over the phone is a joy regardless of age, race, ethnicity, etc. Fear the robots.

I could go on and on, but please sign my petitions. Make it a better world!

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