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Your Wake Up Call Could Come From Me!!

Wake-up callYou get a lot of calls from recruiters. Well, guess what, I make a lot of those calls. Every morning before donning my headset I down a thermos of hot coffee. (Because showering in it would be scalding but kind of awesome.) Caffeinated and retained by an excellent client with a compelling story and value prop, I enthusiastically start talking to candidates, and I am genuinely excited about the possibility of changing lives! Maybe yours!

But you need to catch up. Most candidates I talk to are sleep talking the talk even if they are walking the walk. They lack energy and passion. Come on, people, Red Bull is cheap:

“I am only going to send candidates to my client who are as enthusiastic as they are qualified. Your “too cool for school” attitude with your recruiter is hurting your chances. Enthusiasm is contagious. But so is apathy! You had me at hello but lost me right after…”

A sterling resume is great but everyone has one. You can’t get in to see the client without first passing a phone or Skype interview test. Why would I think you will suddenly be infused with fervor with my client after yawning on the phone with me? Here’s what I hear from my clients after one of those “wet noodle calls.”

“He/she is definitely qualified, but I’m going to pass. If they can’t get excited about selling themselves to get the job, what are they going to be like in three months when the “new job” smell is gone?”

So here’s a quick tip that has made me money, and will get you your potential dream job.

Get UP for the interview. You know your bio rhythms! Set the call up for when you are at your best. Clear headed, sharp, ready to compete!! You can be mentally fried later in the day, this call is your time to “act out!” It’s sanctioned bragging, it’s a reality show and you’re the star! I’m excited about improving your career, don’t leave me hanging!

So get a thermos of coffee, or whatever is your stimulant of choice, you can sleep it off later, after you schedule the second interview!