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Hobson Associates' Jennifer Millea talks about ‘Women in Business Navigating Changing Times’

Hobson Associates Senior Staffing Associate Jennifer Millea recently participated in the Cheshire Chamber of Commerce's ‘Women In Business Alliance’ lunch in Cheshire, CT.  The Alliance is comprised of women business leaders and professionals in the local community who gather to share their professional experiences and collaborate on local opportunities. This month's theme was "The Changing Workplace" and Jennifer, along with other local business professionals, did presentations for the group. Jennifer's topic was focused on staffing and hiring trends in the workplace.

Excerpt is below:

For those in the employment market, Jennifer Millea with Hobson Associates, an employment staffing agency, spoke to employment trends. "We are in a very candidate driven market,” she said. “That means that good candidates are receiving multiple job offers.” ...

Baby Boomers’ goals in the marketplace were to move up the ladder and have a retirement plan. They generally stayed with one company and remained there. If something happened to disrupt their employment, such as getting lad off, those Baby Boomers who might be reentering the workforce now, face age discrimination.

Gen Xers do value stability and are loyal, but are open to new opportunities, said Millea.

The unique thing about Millennials is that they are looking for the next best opportunity; even in they are happy with their company. Millennials want to continue to grow their skills, Millea said.

Generation Z is 91 million strong and these “digital natives” are focused on paying down their college debt, and have an affinity to being their own boss, working gigs or as consultants.

Click here to read the full article, published in the Cheshire Citizen.