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Which Piece Are You?

Chess PiecesChess has always impressed me as a game that challenges two players to use all of their cognitive capabilities and outwit, outsmart, and out strategize their opponent.  I consider it to be a thinking person’s game, just like my job in staffing and recruiting, where skill, planning, strategy and some degree of gamesmanship are paramount.

The key to a chess match, as well in staffing/business development/recruiting and interviewing, is to remain composed while thinking quickly about what the best interest is for your overall result. How you use each piece and the types of strategies you engage is a good reflection of your approach to life...If you were a piece on a chessboard which would you be, and why?

Pawn chess pieceThe Enthusiastic PAWN: Ambitious, determined and loyal—“Give them a reason to like you

 The Strong Self-aware KNIGHT—Unique and brave, the only piece to move ahead of a pawn but can easily become trapped. “Be honest, don’t substitute strength for your real weaknesses. Just showing your willingness to improve in those areas is a plus”.

The Honest BISHOP: Having two bishops can be considered stronger than 2 kings, but be aware, are you being true to yourself or are you trying to please the hiring manager. “Remember your interview is all about performance.

The Composed ROOK: Wise, warrior, capable and passionate—helps protects the king. “Stand by your beliefs, but be open to other opinions”.

The Ambitious KING: A critical piece to the game, the king rules over all other pieces. What are your professional objectives and what other pieces will get you to the bigger picture. “Regardless of the job, remember the reason you are there”

          The Invincible QUEEN: Considered to be worth more than almost any combination of two other pieces. Most powerful piece on the board. What makes you shine, what is your key attacking technique? Your own WOW factor. “No matter what you choose, make sure to bring something extra to the table. Make it original”.

Just like chess, the job market can be a difficult game to navigate, you could feel stuck or trapped or maybe you don’t have the right resources/pieces. That’s why a recruiter’s job is invaluable to employers/candidates, and a partnership of minds pays off.

It’s been said that some of the greatest games in history have been decided in the end game with only a single knight… Regardless of your role in the “game”, learning never to give up is the key in any problem-solving situation in life.


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