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The Simple Fact- NO room for Passive Hiring Processes

Unsure womanHere are some simple facts that can impact your company’s productivity and profits:

-The unemployment rate is at the lowest it has been in the last 17 years + There are 6.6 million job postings in USA = An unprecedented candidate-driven job market.

-Said candidates have multiple offers for employment, as well as a high rate of counteroffers from their current employers.

What does that mean to a hiring authority?...


There is a need for speed!

Do not drag your feet. Keep the process moving-from reviewing resumes to interviewing candidates and to offer stages. Find a candidate you want? MOVE and MOVE quickly. Your eagerness can spread goodwill to the candidate and make them feel “wanted.”  If they do not feel the “love”- they will continue to apply elsewhere and may even decide to drop out of consideration.

If you take too much time, you are also opening the doors for the candidates to get multiple offers. You could find yourself in a bidding war, or ultimately losing the talent to a competitor.

Lower quality hires

Slow hiring practices can also result in lower quality hires, which over time can add to company costs. Even waiting a few days/hours can make a difference! So be ready to sell your opportunity and aggressively pursue the top talent you want. Also, don’t be afraid to get creative when attracting top talent.  

"Posting and Praying"

 Many times, HR/internal recruiters rely on posting their job openings on their company’s website and a few other job boards, along with any "walk in" candidates. Subsequently, they are overwhelmed with hundreds of incoming applications, the majority of which the candidates do not match the specific openings. In the meantime, the original job posting is now 10 pages down on the job board and no longer fresh. If you are a smaller company, your posts will get overshadowed by the larger organizations.

Choices have consequences

A job is a choice, but passive hiring is not. Remember: a bad hire can cause stress in the work environment and lower levels of performance, resulting in decreased productivity, and direct revenue loss.

As a recruiter, I try to educate my clients as well as stay in touch to keep them focused on the end game. I like to keep open communication with candidates, and make sure I have a pulse on their activity. I am here to help you navigate the waters. 

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