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Level Up Your Hiring in the New Year

Do new year resolutions work? That’s debatable. Yet admit it or not, everyone has some version of one: whether it is to get healthy, happy, or wealthy. Or just small changes.

On a business level- expanding your team, growing revenue, or just finding that “perfect” hire that has evaded you in 2023, the new calendar year is the time to do it.

FACT: January and February have been deemed the best time of the year to hire new staff and expand your company so it can thrive in the new year. “Hiring managers and leaders have a better idea of what they need and whether they can afford to hire new team members, which leads career advisors to consider these the top months for hiring.”

Here are 6 hiring resolutions you can achieve to level up 2024!


Let it be known how great it is to work at a company like yours. Incorporate your company values into your hiring process so prospective employees know the type of work culture. Highlight job perks, mission, and growth at your company will be a huge asset in the hiring process.


Create an inclusive and diverse work environment is important for any company to thrive. When a company has more diversity there seems to be a trend of more growth for the company.


If you have not looked at your job descriptions in a while, it may be time to revisit them. If a job has been posted for a few months and has not been filled, it is important to go back into the job description and change some things to attract more people and to fit the current needs to of the company


Utilize your current employees’ networks to see if they know anyone who is a perfect fit for the company and the role you are trying to fill. Your employees already know your work environment and the culture in your office, so this can be a huge asset to find someone that will fit in right away.


While January and February are the best times to hire it is also the slowest time of the year for the hiring processes. Having same day offers can speed up the process when the right candidate comes along.


If you currently work with agency recruiters, or have in the past, now is the time to revisit your partnerships – as in find the right recruiter. To meet their recruitment needs, employers need a partner who will work closely with them, not just a resume pusher who will refer dozens of candidates without screening them carefully.

DO: Find a recruiter who specializes in your industry who is able to quickly reach out to candidates they are they are working in, or have worked in, that field and possess the required skillset. Also, make sure their firms have the experience and tools required to find you the talent you need.

If you want to start the new year with energy, give these resolutions a try to allow you to start the new year energized and ready to help your business grow in new and innovative ways. Let's make it happen!