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It's About More Clay….

Hands molding clayOur President Danny Cahill is never one to lack the perfect words to motive, encourage or help close deals... Below is an email he recently sent to our team of recruiters. Hope it makes you think, or at the very least - motivate you on this wintry day!

Subject: A Morning Metaphor on a wintry Friday...

“…. let’s do a visualization exercise. I hand you a small clump of clay and ask you, to the best of your artistic ability, to turn the clump into a human figure. So, you roll up balls of clay and make heads, arms, torsos (look in a mirror if you can’t recall how the parts fit together). And then, ever the results driven recruiter, you show me your Claymation masterpiece, and I say…”Okay, that’s pretty good…make it bigger please”….What would you say? (I mean, aside from telling me this is a ridiculous exercise and you will now have clay under your fingernails for weeks) How would you make it bigger?

You would have to ask me for more clay…there would be no other way to increase the size of your clay figure… (I would then roll out my inner Alec Baldwin and bark, “Clay is for Closers”!)

…I use it (this metaphor) whenever someone new to working out asks me about lifting weights. They’re not getting more muscular, what are they doing wrong? When I start talking about carbs and macros and glycogen their eyes glaze over, they asked about lifting weights! But they are doing nothing wrong in the gym. They are lifting weights properly. But they are usually not eating enough. Food is their clay. You want to get your human figure bigger and stronger, you feed it more. (when you want to shrink it, you take clay away and reduce calories, BTW)

So, all this to tell you some of you get good reviews from Lisa and Joanne on your calls. Good instincts, some nice technique, you know what you’re doing…

But there’s not enough clay.

Looking at the daily numbers some of you are averaging 15-25 calls a day. Maybe a handful of those are BD calls and yet you sit in meetings and say you need job orders. We miss a day because of a storm, which is going to happen this time of year and when you are working from home you get zero time logged in to BH and make no cold calls. And you have no intent to “make up” for it by crushing it the next day or staying late or planning on weekends.

We can always get better with our skillsets. But if you are averaging less than 50 calls, especially when you don’t have a pipeline which creates follow up and prep and closing calls, it’s not about skillsets, it’s about intent, it’s about desire, it’s about pretending that rummaging through internet sites like LI or Monster is working…

It's about more clay….


[Photo by Alex Jones on Unsplash ]

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