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“I Wish My Recruiter Knew”: Feedback & Face-to-Face Meetings

FeedbackWelcome to the third post in our I wish my recruiter knew series!…

We polled our clients, candidates and social media followers, asking them to answer a question that most search firms don’t dare ask-- what’s on their minds!


“That I want constructive feedback on my resume and interviewing.  Also, every once in a while a face-to-face encounter wouldnt hurt him or her.


1) Constructive feedback:

This comment caught my attention because I pride myself on providing constructive feedback to all my candidates. If your recruiter is not consulting and advising you before, during and after an interview, then they are not doing their job.  A good recruiter’s role and responsibility should be to help you understand the opportunity at hand, know your background and what is motivating you to make a change.  At Hobson, we’re a consultative bunch, advising and guiding you throughout the entire process, because in the end we both want the same thing- for you to get the job! If your recruiter is not asking the right questions and diving into your background, and is just mixing and matching your background with job openings, then they’re doing you a major disservice. Run and find another recruiter!

2) Face-to-face encounters:

Recruiters are social beings by nature who enjoy meeting and talking with people. However, one of the realities of 21st century work life is that technology allows us to have virtual meetings over face-to-face ones- saving all parties time and money. Would we prefer in-person interactions? Absolutely- but not always feasible. If you (candidate) are located geographically close, we welcome an in-person meeting. But if you live several hours away or in a different part of the country, a Skype, FaceTime, or other type of virtual meeting makes sense. Our clients (employers), who are also located all over the country (and world), trust our abilities and know we are able to find them top talent using our proven processes.  

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