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CMI Index to date: 2.65 Billion Dollars!!*

Client Market Impact

What is the True Value of a Search firm?

You will Hear Our Competitors Tout

  • Their Years of Experience
  • Their Bios, Their Awards,
  • Their Networks and Process
  • Their Passion and Commitment
  • War stories of Deals done in the past

(And we can hang with them. We have more tenure, more size, sales revenue and notoriety than just about any other privately held firm in the country. We’re proud of that soft and subjective and let’s face it, selective and biased info too.)

But that’s not our value!

Just because we deal in people and their potential performance is that any reason why you should be forced to decide on a search firm based on gut, instinct, opinion and hunch? Isn’t there some way to empirically weigh a search firm’s value?

There is NOW!!



*CMI FORMULA: (for Placed Candidates since 2007)

(Avg. Sales Quota X Avg. Job Tenure= 2.65 Billion Dollars….and growing!!)

We know fees are a premium choice among many you could make when hiring talent. Everyone talks about the “war for talent” and how important talent is to the success of an enterprise.

But nobody measures it. Until Now!

While it was tempting to get crazy and try to total our nearly four decades of impacting the economy with the results of our people, we have chosen to tabulate only what we can document, and have gone back just 3.5 years, and will compile our CMI number from June 1, 2011 on an ongoing and periodic basis, literally “paying it forward.”

When you choose Hobson Associates, you don’t have to wonder about value. You can see our CMI, become part of it, and we challenge you to ask our competitors about their impact/index. But don’t blame them if they have no clue. They think about their businesses from their own perspective, but at Hobson our success is measured by the success of our candidate’s results, which in turn creates success for our clients. Each deal adds to our CMI, and the legacy of our firm.

“A life isn’t significant except for its impact on other lives” … Jackie Robinson

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