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Sr. Sales Engineer in the VA, DC Area for a Start-Up Cloud Infrastructure Company

Hobson Associates is now partnering with a high growth, early stage startup in the cloud space.  This company, headquartered in the Mid-Atlantic, is just coming out of stealth mode and just landed their 1st 3 customers.  Leads are pouring in. 

Recruiting Tinder Style

Recruiting Tinder Style: I used to sift through LinkedIn looking for a candidate for my client’s search the way I looked through Tinder, hoping for a model, but then wondering what a model would see in me!

Business Development Professional to General Manager

By Don Tinker, Short 2 year path to build a business within an Informatics and Consulting company.  ·19% Compound Growth Rate past 7 years ·Professional Services team with former FDA and NIH employees ·Less than 2% Turnover in 7

My Completely Anecdotal, Totally Unscientific – Yet Completely True – CEO Hiring Survey Says:

By Don Tinker In the last week, I polled some CEO’s I know and respect about their hiring preferences in Sales. Eavesdrop at your leisure.  “When it comes to hiring a Sales staff, what is most important?”

Regional Sales Manager – NY,NJ Region

By Leslie Polgar, As a recruiter, this is one of the best stories I’ve heard in a really long time! This could be your opportunity to absolutely kill it if you are motivated and aggressive.

Your Wake Up Call Could Come From Me!!

By Leslie Polgar, You get a lot of calls from recruiters. Well, guess what, I make a lot of those calls. Get UP for the interview. You know your bio rhythms! Set the call up for when you are at your best. Clear headed, sharp, ready to compete!!

Director of Human Resources Position for European Operations

By Tim Flanagan One of the most unusual HR executive assignments I have seen in 20+ years as a recruiter.  US based, publicly traded manufacturer has a 3 year minimum EX-Pat assignment for their European HQ in the Mediterranean.

International Dream Job: Reality Check

By Tim Flanagan, I sent out an email blast to my executive HR contacts last week. The position was a top rate, top level Ex-Pat job on an island in the Mediterranean. Great pay, benefits and a company paid villa on the sea. Response was overwhelming.

Regional Sales Director Boston

By Bill Tomek, This position controls all resources including lead generation, regional marketing, sales engineering and Partner enablement. This a low quota, high income selling position with stock options.

National Search Firm Tells Companies: STOP Hiring!

By Bill Tomek, The country is at 6.2% unemployment. The talent you want is 100% employed and happy! So please stop hiring and start recruiting.

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