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I Got F@*ked by My Reference

By Danny Cahill, You are at the end of the hiring process for a job that is to die for and you give your standard 3 references and your potential future boss says he did the references.

Senior Director of Sales – Open Position

By Don Tinker, My client has technology that few companies have, most companies want, and all companies will need by 2016. Biotech and Pharma Rolodex required.

5 Things You Won’t Hear in the Hobson Office

By Don Tinker, 5 Things You Won’t Hear in the Hobson Office : I just filled the same search,We’ll take any search, OK, I’m done now, OMG, you’re the best candidate ever & Boss & when am I done with training.

Why didn’t I get the interview, I’m perfect for that posting!!

By Beth Schneider, Why didn’t I get the interview, I’m perfect for that posting!! Okay settle your perfect self down. And don’t pout. Here are 6 of the most common resume mistakes.

VP of Sales New York Open Position

By Beth Schneider, Lead a growing sales team that targets CMO’s of many of the largest well known retailers.  Obtain substantially equity in a leader in analytics and targeted marketing platforms.

Highest Paid Recruiter in the World

By Bill Tomek, My fee is $40,000 a month plus 2% equity in your company. Does this sound like an episode of Shark Tank? Well it should.

North East Sales Manager Position

By Bill Tomek – A market leader experiencing large growth in the North East.  Responsible for securing new business, additional orders, and maintenance renewal orders for all license and professional services revenue.

Anyone Can Listen, But Can You Hear What is Not Being Said?

By Matt Abel : All recruiters ask the same questions, in the same order, about job descriptions and responsibilities and preferred experience and education. Who needs Ambient when you have recruiters?

Comcast and Time-Warner’s Merger Fuels House of Cards Binge Watching

By Jesse Cooper, The “soon to be” Merger of Comcast and Time-Warner has created some turbulent movement in the streaming content industry. The outcome of these two large players in the industry coming together has opened the eyes to the general consumer a

Why Do Recruiters Go Dark?

Why Do Recruiters Go Dark? By Scott Tuttle : As a recruiter who doesn’t sugar coat, I can honestly say that we go dark for a lot of the same reasons that candidates and clients go dark on us…

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