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A Lesson from Batkid

By LARRY BOTELLE: As a recruiter, I’m seeing more and more people putting their favorite charities, causes they care about, and volunteer work they do on their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. I happen to think it’s a great thing for job seekers to do…

Meet Hobson’s Newest Recruiting Consultant-Sonya Tkacs!

We’re excited to introduce our newest Recruiter in our Supply Chain practice area, Sonya Tkacs! Sonya’s specialty is connecting Supply Chain professionals with top companies…

Hobson Recruiters Help Stock Shelves of Cheshire Community Food Pantry

THANK YOU to the Recruiters and Staff of Hobson Associates for recently donating non-perishable food items to the Cheshire High School Football team, benefitting the Cheshire Food Pantry.


By GERRY SORGE:  How did we get to become partners at one of the top search firms in the US?  By striving for EXCELLENCE, and choosing to BE excellent…

Postoperative Career Insights…

By JONATHON PALMIERI:  During my recuperation from knee surgery, I started thinking about the parallels between my injury and some of my candidates’ careers. Here are a few:

Dannys Rant: What If the Presidency Were a Job Order?

Danny Cahill discusses what it would be like if recruiters were given the presidency as a job order that needed to be filled.. How would they take that job order? Or fill it?

My Journey From E.R. To Recruiting Bullpen

By ELIZABETH HARMON:  I can tell you that working in the E.R.and in Recruiting have both been some of the most frustrating and exhilarating moments in my career. Here are a few reasons why…

Hiring Managers Need to Prep for Interviews Too!

BY TIM FLANAGAN: As recruiters, we always prepare our candidates thoroughly for their interviews- but clients, not so much…Hiring Authorities- here are some tips on how to prepare for your next interview(s):

The Daily Trials and Tribulations of a Recruiter

By TAYLOR IVES: Getting a “live connect”, as we call it in the industry, is more difficult than ever. As great as technology is, I’ve found that a telephone conversation is still the most effective way to communicate with candidates and clients…

Hobson Associates Named Top 3 Best in Executive Search

The readers of the Commercial Record have selected Hobson Associates as one of Connecticut’s best executive search firms for the second year in a row in the publication’s Best of 2015” .

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