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Remote (Work) Control

By DIANA SAUCIER: Recently, I started dividing my time living and working in two states.  I thought the transition would be relatively simple, but then found out … not so much.  It has been a challenge to get things set up remotely….

My ‘Fifty Cents’ on Recruiting

By LARRY BOTELLE: I’ve been recruiting in the perm world for 15 years now. And I must say that it’s been a heck of a ride and I feel very blessed. I feel like I’ve got this business down well and have a beat on what challenges I expect to hit every day…

CRO Sales – Lets Talk About Turnover in Our Space

By GERRY SORGE: Loyalty in today’s employment landscape is only sometimes a reality, due to cultural and financial contributing factors. Here are some things we (recruiters) have observed first-hand with some of our clients…

Carriers, Its Time to Join the Instech & Fintech Party

By JONATHON PALMIERI: Despite having a plethora of proponents available to the revamping of technology in the financial services and insurance verticals, carriers still remain slow tech adopters. Its not too late to join the tech party though!…

Kevin Durant and the 54 Million Dollar Counteroffer

By DANNY CAHILL: You don’t have to follow basketball to know Kevin Durant was leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder. You just have to be a recruiter. Why? Because I too have been burned in the past…

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