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A Gigabyte of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Unemployment

By SONYA TKACS: GOOGLE YOURSELF BEFORE a job interview!!!  Why? Your potential new employer is entering your name into a search engine before you even show up to put on the best professional foot forward….

What Happened to Our Phone Skills?

By JENNIFER MILLEA: It may seem trivial, but the telephone is still an essential business tool. Lacking good phone skills can ultimately prevent you from getting a job- even if the position does not require daily phone communication.

Happy Job, Happy Life!

By NICK AVERNA: Planning is definitely underrated… If you are considering making a job change, take these steps to reinvent your career to something youll love…

Trust the Person, Not the Recruiter!

By KYLE NEWTON:  I’m still naïve, and I’m still a millennial – but I’ve picked up a few things over the last few months. One of them is that the world revolves around TRUST…

INBOX, SENT, DELETED: The Art of Selling via Email

By BILL TOMEK:  The fact is that some people are just better at crafting effective emails than others.The ones whose emails you do not mind reading, and even look forward to opening! Here are some things we have learned about selling via email…

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