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My “1-2-3” Mantra to Success

By ELIZABETH HARMON: When people ask me how I’ve mastered the speed bag (and life sciences recruiting) I tell them to start with the basics. The golden rule of thumb that I was taught is to live and breathe the 1-2-3 mantra…

Summertime- and the Livings Easy!

By TIM FLANAGAN: I worked hard for it, I deserve it, and I won’t let anything (including job hunting) interfere with my enjoying the dog days of summer!  WRONG! The absolute best time to look for a new job is NOW. Why?….

Firemen vs. Carpenters

By ROBIN BLAND: People who say they are doing fine in their careers should aspire to have a better set of problems! I came to the conclusion that all problems can be divided into two professions, metaphorically- Firemen and Carpenters…

Happy” Work, Not “Worry” Work!

By KRISTOPHER QUINN- Everyone wants to be happy at work, right? The inevitable worries of the workplace are bound to set in at some point!  With help from the right recruiter, you can REDUCE or even ELIMINATE many worries of the “grind”.

Hamilton: The Blog!

By DANNY CAHILL: I think Hamilton’s story resonates anew for a different reason. When you have managed salespeople for decades as I have, every day someone is in some level of personal stress. No one goes through life unscathed…

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