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Sales Hiring – Do You “Get It”?

Think back to when you first got into sales. Now compare that to when you started achieving a respectable amount of success, the kind you could write home about. See a difference? ... Now that you’re a sales manager or executive in charge of hiring and coaching new sales people, the ability to recognize what makes a great sales talent is CRITICAL to your success.

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The Dog Days of Sales

Dog Days of SummerThe “Dog Days of Summer” is a phrase we’re all used to hearing during the month of August.  They are the hottest, most uncomfortable part of the Northern summer, causing many people to be lazy, hazy and unfocused, leading to unproductivity.

There is a relatable analogy here with grinding out sales. Everyone has their days that they aren’t 100% percent laser focused. It just seems like during the months of July and August we can fall victim to that more often.

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Remote (Work) Control

Remote WorkerRecently, I started dividing my time living and working in two states. I thought the transition would be relatively simple, but then found out … not so much.  It has been a challenge to get things set up remotely, find the right contractors, know who to call and who I can trust, and most of all being organized and self-disciplined to work productively

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My ‘Fifty Cents’ on Recruiting

Man Counting CoinsI’ve been recruiting in the perm world for 15 years now… And I must say that it’s been a heck of a ride and I feel extremely blessed. I feel like I’ve got this business down pretty well and have a beat on what challenges I expect to hit every day.  I specialize in placing technology sales executives, many of whom make $300K+. Its the only reality I know in recruiting.

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Posted 7/21/2016

Carriers, It’s Time to Join the Instech & Fintech Party

It doesn’t surprise me at all that insurance and financial services companies tend to be laggards when it comes to arriving at the tech party.After all, many Insurance people tend to naturally be risk averse (Sorry, nothing personal!)… Despite having a plethora of proponents available to the revamping of technology in the financial services and insurance verticals, carriers still remain slow tech adopters. 

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Posted 7/7/2016

My “1-2-3” Mantra to Success

Business Woman with boxing glovesMany people have asked me how I’ve mastered the speed bag. I actually consider myself to be a modest athlete, but my answer is always –start with the
basics. The golden rule of thumb that I was taught with the speed bag is to live and breathe the standard “1-2-3” mantra, striking the bag on “1”, letting the bag hit the back of the board on “2” and letting the bag hit the front of the board on “3”.

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