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What Top Talent Looks for in a Company

Attracting top talentIt’s a candidate-driven job market… Top talent is tougher to find these days, as candidates have more options than ever, including: receiving multiple job offers, counter-offers, sign-on bonuses, stock options, and more... To attract and retain this coveted talent pool, we recruiters must educate our clients on what will make A-level candidates turn their heads.

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5 Ways to Avoid Being Picky and Find the Right Candidate

Picky Hiring Manager“Why are you being so picky?!”... I was recently talking to a friend who is currently single and has been unsuccessful in the dating scene. She is quite the catch, and I am not just saying that because she is my friend. I remind her ad nauseam that her endless list of “need-to-haves” are without a doubt the reason she cannot find “Mr. Right”. I’ve witnessed her trials and tribulations firsthand, as we walked through her Match.com profile. Somehow there was something ‘wrong’ with each guy who reached out to her. Too short, too tall (imagine that!), too young, didn’t have a good job (or at least her idea of what a good job is). You name it, she had an excuse for why he wasn’t the right person.

This situation made me think about the job I have and how similar hiring is to dating. And just like my friend, sometimes employers are far too picky when it comes to looking for the right candidate. 

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No “BIAS” About It

Last week I fired a long-time client. Hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past several years were earned working with this person, and nothing to indicate that was going to change – until I learned that he was a racist.

I’m honored to have “CPC” at the end of my name. And as a Certified Personnel Consultant, I’m also proud to be an EEOC supporter:

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How to Rock Your First Days as a New Sales Leader

Sales LeaderIt’s been an eventful year so far. We just watched a new leader take his presidential oath ... Millions of people marched in angry protest against said new leader … Now you’re starting your own new path as manager, director or VP at the startup/company of your dreams. Whether you’re preparing to influence a sales team or the Western Hemisphere, making the transition into a new leadership role is no easy feat. Here are seven things you can do make it a smooth start:

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2017 Sales Teams: the New Normal

Sales TeamSDR, LDR and BDR… what is the difference?

Sales, Lead and Business Development reps in a SaaS sales context…. are these just different words for the same role?

Times have changed and so has sales. As a business leader in today’s competitive landscape, your team can’t afford to fall behind. So what’s going to really set your organization apart? Your modern sales team, of course. But what does it look like?  From my experience as a recruiter who builds technology sales teams of every level, I can tell you that the single most important thing you can do to improve your sales and lead generation results is to specialize your sales roles into the following:

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2017 Job Forecast: Half of US Employers to Hire Temp Workers

Temporary Help WantedA recent report from Staffing Industry Advisors SIA shows that the demand for temporary labor will remain strong this year as employers strive to have more flexibility in their staff levels. For their 2017 job forecast, CareerBuilder surveyed 2,392 hiring managers and human resource professionals at the end of 2016. The results found 51% of employers plan to hire temporary or contract workers in 2017, up from 47% in last year’s survey.

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Make 2017 Your BADA$$ Year

A close friend of mine has been having trouble in her current job.  She had been trolling all the job boards every day in hopes of finding her “dream” role, with little luck. The ensuing daily disappointment of her fruitless search along with the uncertainty of what she should be looking for, had her feeling frustrated and aimless. As her friend who also happens to be a recruiter, I have given her many suggestions, but with no success.

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Business people on bicyclesLet's rewind back to the time in your life when your biggest personal challenge was learning to ride a bike. When you decided to take the training wheels off did you look to another kid who still rode with training wheels? No, of course not! You aspired to be like the neighborhood kids who rode a two-wheeler and made it look easy.

The same goes for launching your career. You have the choice to:

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