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Let’s face it. One of the major advantages Hobson Associates brings to your search for your next career step is that we are plugged into “professional grapevines.” Not only do we know who’s who and what’s what, but we also know how to take all the information we gather and use it expressly to your advantage. Wondering what opportunities may await you? Just contact one of our veteran recruiters to find out more.

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Job ID Position Title Job Category Worksite Location Job Location
14537 Customer Support manager – Atlanta Sales Engineering Corporate HQ GA
14521 Medical Receptionist/Biller Medical Affairs CT
14520 Medical Assistant Medical Affairs CT
14517 Reinsurance Accounting Manager Insurance CT
14515 Administrative Assistant Administrative Assistant CT
14514 Pre Sales – Financial vertical Sales Engineering Corporate HQ IL
14507 Production Assistant/Warehouse Kanban Warehouse and Distribution Management CT
14506 Part Time Certified Medical Assistant Medical Affairs CT
14505 Medical Records Clerk Medical Affairs CT
14504 Big Data Sales Engineer Chicago or Minn Sales Engineering remote midwest NY
14501 CNC Mill Machinist III (1st Shift) CNC Setup Machinist CT
14500 CNC Specialist (1st shift) CNC Setup Machinist CT
14499 CNC Supervisor (1st shift) CNC Setup Machinist CT
14498 CNC Screw Machine Specialist CNC Setup Machinist CT
14489 Press Set-Up/Operator (Direct Hire) CNC Setup Machinist Corporate HQ CT
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