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What Happened to Our Phone Skills?

By JENNIFER MILLEA: It may seem trivial, but the telephone is still an essential business tool. Lacking good phone skills can ultimately prevent you from getting a job- even if the position does not require daily phone communication.

Happy Job, Happy Life!

By NICK AVERNA: Planning is definitely underrated… If you are considering making a job change, take these steps to reinvent your career to something youll love…

Trust the Person, Not the Recruiter!

By KYLE NEWTON:  I’m still naïve, and I’m still a millennial – but I’ve picked up a few things over the last few months. One of them is that the world revolves around TRUST…

INBOX, SENT, DELETED: The Art of Selling via Email

By BILL TOMEK:  The fact is that some people are just better at crafting effective emails than others.The ones whose emails you do not mind reading, and even look forward to opening! Here are some things we have learned about selling via email…

Hobson Associates Launches ‘Renewable and Clean Energy’ Search Practice

In timely response to the rapid growth and demand of carbon-neutral alternative energy sources, Hobson Associates is excited to announce the launch of their San Francisco Bay Area office specializing in the Renewable and Clean Energy sector.

Hey, VPs of Sales – Time for a Beer!

By DON TINKER: There is no magic algorithm to decipher ‘Candidate A’ from ‘Candidate B’ other than…BEER. Each VP of Sales I polled said: “I hire the candidate who would be best to share a beer with.”

But Weve Always Done It This Way!

By BETH SCHNEIDER: How does your company’s hiring process measure up in today’s employer market? If you are not innovating and moving forward, you risk getting left behind and losing top talent, (a.k.a., money!)….

Do You Have “It”?

By EMILY AUDIBERT: What exactly are the determining factors of someone being worthy of your “like”?  What gives them the “It Factor”, making them stand out and be #1 out of a group of other very qualified individuals?… 

Mystical Pizza

By MIKE CROSSLEY:  In order to create the life you want, you need to understand what is important to you. As a software professional,  when you can’t choose between company “A” and company “B”, the big differentiator is company culture…

Bias is “BS”

By DIANA SAUCIER: As a recruiter, I recently had some unpleasant dealings involving a few of my clients’ selective biases.I know that our “human” emotions play a huge part in our reasoning, but is any of this subjectivity really fair to our candidates? ..

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