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The Daily Trials and Tribulations of a Recruiter

By TAYLOR IVES: Getting a “live connect”, as we call it in the industry, is more difficult than ever. As great as technology is, I’ve found that a telephone conversation is still the most effective way to communicate with candidates and clients…

Hobson Associates Named Top 3 Best in Executive Search

The readers of the Commercial Record have selected Hobson Associates as one of Connecticut’s best executive search firms for the second year in a row in the publication’s Best of 2015” .

Career Decision-Making 101

By ROBIN BLAND: In many cases, decisions are not made by us; they are made FOR us. Follow the tips below and start making career decisions from a position of POWER:..

FEATURED JOB: Regional Sales Manager -US Northeast OR West Coast

Building relationships, and closing opportunities! That is what this opportunity is all about. Join this growing and highly profitable public company that develops, manufactures and sells instruments and consumables to the healthcare, pharmaceutical

The Early Bird Gets the Job Interview

By RICK STICKLES: The early bird gets the worm.  Either get up early to find your catch, or someone else will beat you! This is why you should be proactive when it comes to your job search…

FEATURED JOB: Operations Manager- Central CT area

Innovative CT design company needs you!  As their Operations Manager you will be responsible for overseeing 18 people in the production and delivery of all products, quality control, operation process, safety and customer satisfaction….

Let Them Try Before They Buy—and Make Them Purchase

By JENNIFER MILLEA: Trending… more and more employers choosing temp-to-hire options for their new employees. The theory is that an employer can “try out” the employee before “they buy”, ensuring they are a good fit for the position and their company,…

FEATURED JOB: Systems Engineer – Princeton NJ area

Join a company that provides leading-edge solutions for securing and optimizing the networks of over a thousand Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and service providers….

To Hire A Full Stack Developer or Not? That Is the Question.

By NICK AVERNA: The concept of being a “Full Stack” web developer is starting to be heavily debated over the past year. So how do you know what type of developer to seek out and hire at your company?

Im Just a Naïve Millennial

By KYLE NEWTON: I never expected my life after college to be anything like this. I do feel as if recruiting found me. The funny thing is, that a stereotypical 9 to 5 job has become something way more after I closed my first deal…

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