We serve the specialized needs of clients in key industries.

At Hobson Associates, each of our recruiters specializes by industry niche, maximizing our ability to be entrenched in the markets we serve. With each search, we immediately access our networks to identify, attract, qualify and secure the talent necessary to successfully complete that search.

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Life Sciences


Your firm has taken the time to build a network of sales professionals at many different organizations, giving us a real insight into each candidate. Your recruiters dont just save you the effort of posting on job sites and doing an initial interview. They leverage years of networking to bring candidates that are not actively in the market but have the experience and skills you want.

Chriss experience interviewing salespeople, tracking how they performed and working with many different heads of sales makes him a great advisor for thinking about talent and the combinations of people to build a highly effective team.

-Chris Dailey
SVP of Sales, eWayDirect, Inc.

I have worked with numerous search firms throughout my career and Hobson Associates comes out on top. They really understand my requirements and supply me with the very best candidates who on the majority are currently employed elsewhere. They are a true partner and I value their talents and expertise.

Todd Grossman
Vice President, MultiVu, a PR Newswire Company

Hobson delivered what they promised. They took the time to clearly understand our needs and provided perfect matches, instead of bodies!

Richard J. Viola
President & CEO, Hotel Interactive, Inc.

Hobson Associates has been a pleasure to work with on every project we have engaged them. They are able to grasp our business needs quickly and identify exceptionally strong candidates within days. As a corporate recruiter, I work with a variety of agencies all over the country and my voice mail literally fills up with new search firms reaching out for introductions every week, but when colleagues call and ask me who I would recommend I point them to Hobson Associates.

Elaine Toomey
Leadership Recruiter, Hyland Software

Hobson Associates has been for many years a most reliable source for finding and hiring new individuals. The background checks and personal interviews by Hobson has resulted in outstanding candidates. It has shorted our searches and helped us build a team second to none. Many thanks to Hobson Associates.

Francis X. Hursey
President, On Site Gas Systems, Inc.