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  • Has recently saved his current employer $2.8 M on localizing production components
  • Saved additional $460K on raw material pricing negotiations
  • Increased profits on a $20M LTA over a 4 year period
  • Improved OTD from 85% to 95% over a 6 month period 
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  • Bachelor’s degree from Drexel and a masters from John Hopkins University.
  • An expert in Labview, SQL, Java, C++ software to name a few
  • Has managed employees, interns and co-op students
  • Most recently managed a 2M procurement & u=build of test rigs for a contract manufacturer
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  • Reduced insurance costs by $400,000
  • Reduced injury rates by 30%
  • Consolidated all EHS training and reporting operations to a central function; saving almost $500,000 on total EHS costs annually.
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  • Insightful, responsive executive with a proven track record of success in promoting and selling products and services, particularly intangible, new-paradigm solutions
  • Articulating value in reducing environmental footprints, operating costs and risks
  • Enhancing reputation and stakeholder relationships
  • Innovating and competing in new products and processes all while improving top- and bottom-line performance
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