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Whether you’re a Global 100 corporation, an early stage technology innovator or a startup biotech company, landing proven, effective leaders is the key factor in the success equation. At Hobson Associates, we seek people who create vision, craft strategy, and inspire their teams to execute results.

As an innovator in C-Level search for over 20 years, we developed process for Executive Search around a client-centric methodology, which distinguishes us from other firms.

We feel the “need for speed.”

On average, we complete searches in less than 90 days. Most “global search firms” won’t even have a short list of viable candidates ready in 90 days. We attack our searches with a sense of urgency that borders on obsession. The sooner a high-caliber executive is on your team, the sooner you experience success.

We don’t have an “ivory tower.”

Our search teams are led by one of our partners, who remains “hands-on” and “in the trenches” during every step of the search — with both clients, staff and candidates. Work is not merely delegated to junior staffers to complete the assignment. Instead, we work together as a team to map out a strategy that will work for you and find the right match for your company.

We’re confident in our expertise.

We complete our searches on a performance-based model. This means that you don’t pay the final half of our fee until and unless we are successful. This is unlike top executive search firms that take no risks. They are paid 100% up front and have no motivation to perform effectively or efficiently.

We never run up “administrative charges.”

Our search fee is our only charge to you. We don’t charge for administrative support, phone bills, computer usage and other clerical services associated with your search initiative. 

We “cut to the chase.”

We’re agile. We’re nimble. Once you say, “go,” the search revs up to full throttle.  You’ll never need to chase us because we keep pace with the timetable and requirements you’ve set. 

We don’t believe in boilerplate.

We’ll never claim to have done “hundreds of searches just like yours.”  While there may be similarities, we realize that each search is unique because every client is different.

When you work with Hobson Associates on a C-Level search, delivery of candidates with the necessary “hard” skills is a given. Our true value comes from our ability to assess “soft” skills. We dive deep into each resume and CV for our C-Level candidates to identify and substantiate the presence of the “soft” skills listed below. 

  • Driven by challenge
  • Resilience; failure and subsequent success
  • Proactive career development
  • Courage
  • Influence and persuasion
  • Agility during rapid change; driver of change
  • Fast, creative problem solving
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Decisiveness
  • Socially responsible

Bottom line: We believe hiring the best available C-Level talent is a best practice. If the skills aren’t there, those candidates will not be considered viable for any Hobson Associates client.