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Below are just a few examples of how we've helped our clients find and secure top talent — quickly. 


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Scientific Program Manager

Bringing "Business Critical" solutions to a leading service provider to the international biomedical research community.

OUR CLIENT'S NEED: This position had been open for over a year before they contacted us-and it had become a “business critical” need...Our Life Sciences Recruiter/Partner felt the hiring manager’s pain through their words, and was determined to fill this role.

THEIR SEARCH CHALLENGES: They needed someone who could be customer facing and was a subject matter expert in the field of “in vivo model generation”, traveling 50-60% travel both domestically and internationally. They also needed to have experience developing these models, not just working with them. The additional challenge was the fact that there weren’t many companies to recruit from, as most organizations (pharma & biotechs) outsource this type of need/work.

HOBSON’S TALENT DELIVERY SOLUTION: We were advised that our best bet would be to focus on academia, and more specifically-people who worked in “transgenic academic cores.” So we gathered a list of universities that offered these types of programs and then put our true cold calling skills to the test. Our determination and training paid off, and we were able to find the right candidate for Taconic- sooner than later!


Horst Engineering

CNC Swiss Machinist

Helping a niched manufactured fill their very specific hiring needs...

OUR CLIENT'S NEED: The Swiss division of this contract manufacturer of machined components was growing, and they urgently needed a talented CNC Machinist. Someone with programming, set-up, and operation skills, who could hit the ground running.

THEIR SEARCH CHALLENGES: Their machining niche is a very specific one, and so was their hiring need - a top level Swiss machinist to help grow this division of their business. Swiss machine operators are not easy to come by, as only a few manufacturers focus on this type of machining.

HOBSON’S TALENT DELIVERY SOLUTION: Our Contract Staffing team was able to find just the right candidate, closing the job in a few weeks’ time. Best of all, he was right in our database-available and ready to go!


Operations Consultant Search

TOMZ is a New England parts manufacturer known for their exceptional story of quality and success...

OUR CLIENT'S NEED: To find a C-level professional to help grow their plastics division by $5-10 million dollars. Someone who was a culture fit, understood the space, and could start generating revenue quickly.

THEIR SEARCH CHALLENGES:  It was, and continues to be, a tight market for top medical consultants who could make a major impact on the company and division. They did their best using internal resources, but needed to step up their search.

HOBSON’S TALENT DELIVERY SOLUTION: We identified a candidate who we worked with in the past-- a professional with a proven growth success track record. We presented him right away, and three weeks later he became their newest hire.



VP of Sales, East

Helping an LA-based Cloud & Enterprise company grow on the East Coast...

OUR CLIENT'S NEED: To find a Sales Leader to manage and build their entire East Coast team.

THEIR SEARCH CHALLENGES:  The right hire for this leading provider of Cloud Security and Identity Governance solutions needed to come from a very specific area of security…And it was a  bit of a “tweener” position- a much bigger role than someone looking to take a step into management could do, yet did not include responsibilities of the entire US, which some of the more experienced candidates already had…

OUR TALENT DELIVERY SOLUTION: We didn’t just jump into the search. Instead, our recruiter strategically applied our sound recruiting process: The first two days of the search were spent mapping out the key candidates that would be the best fit for our client. The next two weeks were spent tracking down all of them. We then presented 7 qualified candidates that were open to being recruited from their existing jobs. 

The candidate who ultimately won the job was presented to Saviynt in less than a week from the beginning of the search.


 INC Research

VP, Business Development Search

OUR CLIENT'S NEED: To find a Business Development leader that has managed Sales/BD professionals who were focused on selling to Biotechnology companies. 

THEIR SEARCH CHALLENGES:  Finding qualified candidates who would listen to their story.  

OUR TALENT DELIVERY SOLUTION: We recruited candidates directly from one of their competitors- who were doing exactly the same thing and shared the company's successes and their atmosphere of a collectively encouraging culture.  NOTE: This search began with a cold email to the CEO.


 ECC Horizon

Insurance Strategy Executive Search

OUR CLIENT'S NEED: To find a well-connected insurance executive who could create strategies to accelerate the company’s market presence in the environmental and pollution insurance sector.  Due to increased market demand, they also needed this individual to have the skills to create internal best practices and procedures to better service their clients.  

THEIR SEARCH CHALLENGES:  Finding the right person who was open to making the leap from the traditional insurance world to an extremely specialized insurance space was no easy task.  The executive needed to also have a strong reputation and be able to train other executives on insurance practices. Oh, and they needed to fit in with the company culture too.

OUR TALENT DELIVERY SOLUTION: The candidate we ended up placing at ECC Horizons happened to be sitting in our database as a referral – as the spouse of a previously placed candidate! ...

  • He was experienced in all aspects of Insurance sectors and had a solid reputation in the insurance community. 
  • He had owned and run his own company.
  • Was a frequent speaker at insurance conferences.
  • Had experience deveoping best practices for Fortune 500 companies.

At first glance he didn’t seem like the ideal fit; but we went ahead and presented him. He turned out to be just what they wanted – including a cultural and intellectual fit. They hired him one week later.


Hobson & Motzer

Human Resources Manager Search

OUR CLIENT'S NEED:  The Controller at this century old Connecticut manufacturer of precision metal stampings was tapped out. After running into several hiring roadblocks, he was desperate to find an exemplary individual to fill the role of HR Manager. In the meantime, he continued to wear multiple hats- as Controller and HR leader… It was time for the madness to stop.

SEARCH CHALLENGES: They didn’t want to settle for just anyone to fill this critical role in the organization. Being in business since 1912, Hobson & Motzer’s business model has always been to exceed their customers’ expectations with their “can do” attitude. This was an attribute they were seeking in their new HR Manager. The other challenge was that the candidate had to possess a documented and successful 5+ year track record within the manufacturing world, and an excellent educational background.  

OUR TALENT DELIVERY SOLUTION:  Since one of our specialties is finding talent in the Manufacturing space, as well as Human Resources, this was a challenge we knew we could handle. We immediately tapped into our network of local HR talent, and were able to present them 3 qualified candidates within the first 6 days… One of them was Alicia, their new Human Resources Manager.

A few reasons they hired Alicia: 

  • She holds multiple degrees, including an M.S. in Human Resources Management and Organizational Effectiveness.
  • Her track record includes being a national trainer and workshop instructor at the university level.
  • She knows how manufacturing organizations operate- inside and out. 
  • Her references were stellar.
  • She was available immediately to interview.



VP of Global Sales Search

OUR CLIENT'S NEED: Our CEO bootstrapped the company taking no venture capital and growing profitably. After building to over 1,000 clients including 20 of the F-50 and a global staff of over 150 employees it was time for the next phase of growth. The CEO was ready to hand off more responsibility than ever and have a new global VP take over the management of 3 GMs and the teams underneath them.  This is the key Executive that would take the company the rest of the way.

SEARCH CHALLENGES: Without the deep pockets of venture funding to market their way forward and needing immediate results, the candidate had to know the cyber security and enterprise IT management market cold. The company prides itself on being selective, hiring only the top percentage of candidates and requiring a documented 5 years track record and video presentation pre-interview. This had to be a candidate that could travel the globe, so matching lifestyle was also important. Not difficult enough?... It also had to be a candidate who could commute to an East Coast office.    

OUR TALENT DELIVERY SOLUTION:  Since we know this market so well, we were able to quickly get the search out to the market. Laser focused, we presented 4 candidates. The candidate we placed was presented within an unbelievable 7 days. Here's why we loved the match and why our client agreed: 

  • He is an absolute rock star ! He has beat his number every year, in every company with just a few exceptions. He has managed teams all over the world as large as 1,400 people and over 1 billion in revenue.
  • No ramp up. He is currently in the security industry with a rolodex of contacts and talent all over the world.
  • He brings the bonus of having been a CEO and managed operations, delivery and services.
  • He has grown and successfully sold two companies, acquired companies and positioned to be acquired.
  • For bonus points- He lives 20 min from their office!


Tigo Energy

Vice President of Sales, Americas Search

Leading solar company’s search for Executive Talent needed some heating up!...

OUR CLIENT'S NEED…This company’s modular TS4 platform allows their customers to maximize energy harvesting at minimal cost. With operations located across the globe, they needed a leader to take the their North & South American commercial team and sales to new levels!

SEARCH CHALLENGES…They knew on paper who they needed- an Executive that would help service and respond to the needs of their national accounts and distribution channel partners. BUT, their talent pool was turning out to be lukewarm, at best.

OUR TALENT DELIVERY SOLUTION… We partnered with Tigo to identify and deliver a talent who had a proven track record of leading sales teams in the energy space.. When we found Kevin, we knew he was our man. Tigo’s technology has a bright future, and so does he... A West Point Graduate with an MBA from Duke, with an impressive sales leadership resume.

We are more than honored and thrilled to continue to support their leadership team as the company grows.

Click here to learn more.



Chief Financial Officer Search

Curing the Common Cold is easy, but this common stock stuff ?!...

OUR CLIENT'S NEED…This company is out to take down the common cold. And its incredible new compound could do just that, but they needed Talent, someone who knew how to handle the delicate balance between securing Angel Investment, Series A financing, and the R & D complexities of completing Phase 2 clinical trials. They had all the promising science in the world, and were attracting attention, but now they needed someone who could manage and implement the financial infrastructure so key to making it to market and staying there!

SEARCH CHALLENGES…Promising stories and “the next important medicine” are so common it becomes hard for prospective candidates to tell the Contenders from the Pretenders. They are skeptical and wary. It was our job to establish the trust necessary to allow our uber-talented candidates to really hear us out about our client’s unique value prop. Before anyone interviews, they first have to believe, and before they believe, they have to listen. Our four decades of documented success give them comfort, and comfort opens minds.

OUR TALENT DELIVERY SOLUTION…In the end, we found a candidate with a passion for scaling companies and unleashing potential. Raised Billions in financial commitments, took now household name companies from “a pretty sad looking home lab to IPO”, and created user friendly internal controls that allowed the company easy access to global growth. When we can match our candidate’s passion with a client’s purpose, we’ve done our job! And if we get a bit sentimental and gooey-eyed about our achievement, well, our client makes the fix!!

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